Victoria hearts

VictoriaHearts is an established dating website where you can meet international singles easily. The site encourages love beyond cultural barriers, that’s why one of their main missions is to help people find their soulmate, either through long-distance communication or online interactions which could lead to satisfying relationships.

In this article, we have compiled all the necessary details about VictoriaHearts to help you decide whether you should try it, and also assist you to navigate the dating platform.

First Impression

victoriahearts main

Looking at the home dashboard of this site, you’ll find some interesting profiles being suggested by VictoriaHearts. There are many women profiles on this site from a variety of cultural backgrounds. When you first browse through the profile suggestions, it’s hard not to notice that there are a lot of pretty girls on Victoria Hearts. Some of them are stunning in such a way that they seem to jump off your screen. Keep browsing and you can pick one (or a few) to initiate an interaction with.


victoriahearts registration

The site has a free registration feature that only asks for your name, birth date, email address and password you’d like to use for your account. You will also be asked what type of friend or partner you’re looking for. Whether you are a man seeking a woman or vice versa, you can indicate this right from the start.

A good thing about their registration page is that it has “trust signals”. They have a section that explains why you should choose VictoriaHearts, why it is safe, and what kind of site protection they use. Very helpful for those who still can’t get over the fence with their decision to join.

As soon as you input your details and click the “Register” button, you will be taken to a questionnaire where you will describe the characteristics you’re looking for in a potential date. You will also be asked to share a few details about yourself and add an ideal photo to use for your profile.

Search and Filter

The search and filter feature is simple. You can narrow down the search based on an age range, and you can set the filter to only show validated profiles. Choosing to view only validated profiles will help you find someone who has gone through the Victoria Hearts screening and filtering system. This provides an additional layer of security for you.

If you want to extend your search further, you can click on the “Extend Search” button and choose additional search parameters, such as the following:

  • Country
  • Marital Status
  • Religion
  • Location
  • Alcohol Drinking Preference
  • Smoking Preference
  • Education Level
  • Number of children

These are powerful filters that help you find like-minded individuals that you can initially strike a familiar chord with.


When you are ready to initiate a conversation with a girl you find on VictoriaHearts, you can just click on the “Chat Now” button next to a member’s profile. This will take you to a new page where you can interact with the person and start typing a message. Communication to any VictoriaHearts member is as easy as that.

Victoriahearts Profile
VictoriaHearts Profile
Victoriahearts Gifts
VictoriaHearts Gifts

Mobile App

Victoria Hearts has a mobile app for Android phones but there is no version yet for Apple devices. The mobile app allows for easier navigation of the member dashboard and faster access too. This is a great option for those who prefer to browse on the go without having to open a web browser.

In case you don’t prefer installing a mobile app, it’s also good to know that the Victoria Hearts site is mobile-friendly and can easily be accessed from your phone’s web browser.

What a Free Version Offers

The free version allows you to access the member dashboard, set preferences, upload a profile photo, browse through different profiles, and take a sneak peak of the site.

However, if you are only using a free version account, you won’t be able to communicate with anyone, as this would require you to have credits in your account. The good thing is that you won’t get charged unless you want to. You’ll be given enough time (as long as you want) to lurk around the site and look at what it has to offer. Once you’re ready, you can upgrade to the paid options and start hitting it up with women you find on the site.

To become a paid member and access the full features of Victoria Hearts, you can opt to get the basic functionalities for just $9.99. Once you become a paid member, you can use the credits you get from your initial payment towards various activities you do on the site.

Chatting with a fellow member, sending online gifts, requesting for contact info, etc., all require a certain amount of credits. Consider your credits as the currency you use on the site so make sure you spend them wisely.

Here are the corresponding prices for credits packages:

20 credits$2.99
50 credits$19.99
125 credits$44.99
250 credits$69.99

While it looks tempting to go for fewer credits to save money, it could be annoying or too much trouble if you have to buy credits each time you chat with someone. A higher amount of credits gives you peace of mind and smooth movement on the site, knowing that whatever you do will not be interrupted too soon by depleted credits.

Scam and Safety

As in any other platform, there is always a possibility of getting scammed. With Victoria Hearts, however, we find that majority if not all of these profiles are legit. Moreover, the validation system of the site minimizes the possibility of you landing on a fake profile who’s simply out to fool you. For any concerns about scam safety, Victoria Hearts has customer support team you can get in touch with your concerns.

Pros and Cons of Paid Subscription

Just to help you weigh your options, here are the pros and cons of having a paid subscription vs a free account:

Ability to chat with international singles at the click of a mouseCredits can add up to an expensive amount if you’re not careful
Ability to send gifts and request for contact info
Ability to set a meeting or date
You can spectate for as long as you like and view various potential profiles to reach out to, before deciding to pay anything

Customer Support

Victoria Hearts uses a Zendesk customer support system. You simply click the “Contact Us” button from the site’s main menu and you will be taken to a web form where you input your name, email address, profile ID number (optional), and the description of your query.

However, the site doesn’t mention how long it takes for customer support team to respond to your request. So you have to be patient and wait for them to get to your query.


All in all, Victoria Hearts is a good site to meet international singles, strike up conversations, get dates, and potentially start a fulfilling relationship. The site itself is easy to use, and you can find interesting singles in no time. The only major setback is the money you will spend on getting credits. But if you’re wise on how to spend those credits and have a clear idea of the kind of partner you like, you can reap the benefits and enjoy what this site has to offer.