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Russian and Ukrainian women aren’t called best partners for nothing. They are hot, smart, and honest — and the best news is they are waiting for your message!

Here you’ll find all the answers to all of your questions about both Russian and Ukrainian dates and mail order brides. We’ll explain how the whole dating and mail order bride things work. We’ll explain how to find a Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend or bride, how to attract her online and how not to screw up on your first date. We can safely say that here you’ll find everything you need to know about the dates and mail order brides from these two countries. As well as about the online dating mail order brides services in general.

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Why Do They Become Mail Order Brides?

There are lots of speculations about the mail order brides. Some people say that the reasons is receiving a green card. The others say that a beautiful young lady can be interested in a man from the USA or UK only if this man is a moneybag. That’s not true at all.

Many people think that Russian and Ukrainian brides start finding a man abroad because of the Green Card.

The reality is much simpler. There are actually three main reasons why lots of ladies start looking for a foreign husband — and no, none of them sounds like “because they want to get your wealth”. Let’s take a look at these three real reasons why young and mature women from Russia and Ukraine become mail order brides.

Because of the Economic Needs

But it has nothing in common with gold-digging. The thing is, the economical situation isn’t very good in the post-Soviet countries. The salaries are quite low outside the big cities, like Kyiv, Odessa, and Dnipro in Ukraine and Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar in Russia. People don’t live in poverty in these countries anymore, but we still can’t say that these two countries are rich.

It makes sense that the majority of women from Ukraine and Russia want to get a better life for themselves and for their future children. It doesn’t mean that your income is very important, of course. The mere fact of relocation to the first world countries, like the United States or the United Kingdom, is a rapid improvement of the living conditions for them.

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Because They Love Foreign Men More

But of course, it’s not only about the improvement of the living conditions. Thousands of Russian and Ukrainian ladies think that western men are better than the guys in their home countries. We don’t want to insult anyone here, but, well, that’s the truth — American and European men are real gentlemen, well-mannered, smart, they take good care of themselves and they don’t usually have an alcohol problem. That’s the complete opposite of some guys from Russia and Ukraine.

It makes sense that some beautiful, young and intelligent women from these countries want to find men who will love them and treat them with respect. That’s why they often become mail order brides — and that’s great for you, isn’t it?

Because They Just Can’t Find Love

The last reason is quite similar to the second one, actually. Some ladies just can’t find love in their countries, for one or another reason. In such situations, some women start using certain websites and apps, like Tinder… but what if they want serious relationships and not a hookup?

Then, it’s time for them to become mail order brides. There are thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women who are sure that they’ll find their forever love abroad. And who knows, maybe you’ll become that man for one of them?

Russian and Ukrainian Brides: The Differences

Which of them to choose, a Russian bride or a Ukrainian bride? No, they are not the same. They have many common features, but they also have lots of differences — if you want to know more about these differences, here they are:

Despite they have many similarities, Russian and Ukrainian are two separate languages. They have different words, different grammar, and different pronunciation. You will most likely not notice these differences, except pronunciation: Ukrainian women speak softer and sound more melodic than their Russian counterparts.

There are lots of similarities here, but the number of differences is huge, too. Both Russian and Ukrainian brides are extremely beautiful. But, Ukrainian ladies have darker skin and hair. Russian women are more like blondes with light-blue eyes (but that’s not a rule).

Ukraine is oriented more toward Europe, so the people in Ukraine are actually Europeans. They are not xenophobic, and they are more open-minded then Russian people.


Ukrainian brides are often considered to be more independent than Russian brides. As we’ve said, it’s all about the orientation of their country. But, despite Ukrainian brides are more like European women, both Russian and Ukrainian brides are still family-oriented, loving and respectful.

Why Are These Ladies So Popular?

As we’ve already said, Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides are very, very popular among the men from the western countries. And there are some good reasons for that! If you’re interested in these reasons, here we’ve gathered six most important ones. They’ll help you understand why everyone is so crazy about these beautiful ladies.

First Reason: Stunning Appearance

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Being a lookist is not the best thing in the world. Appearance is of course not the most important thing when you’re looking for a wife and for a mother of your future children. However, we just can’t do anything about it — both Russian and Ukrainian women are so damn extremely beautiful!

It’s a stereotype, of course. But (lucky you!) it’s one of those 100% true stereotypes about these ladies. The best thing about their beauty is that they are naturally beautiful, so you will be pleasantly surprised in the morning. It’s all about their rich gene pool — modern Russian and Ukrainian women have Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Baltic, European and Slavic ancestors. It’s like a melting pot of nationalities and ethnicities, and we all know that melting pots give great results, right?

But their natural beauty is not everything. Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides are perfect at makeup — and we are not talking about that bold and bright makeup here. Your bride from Russia or Ukraine will spend an hour in front of the mirror. In the end, she’ll look like she has just woken up and didn’t make any makeup — but somehow she’ll still look better than every woman around her. Sounds like magic, right? We don’t know how to explain it, you just have to see it with your own eyes. You’ll love it.

Another thing why we love both Ukrainian and Russian brides is that they always take good care about themselves. They know how to dress, they go to the gym every 2-3 days, they take care of their gorgeous hair. They are not just naturally beautiful, they also do everything possible to not lose their beauty. And it’s great.

Second Reason: Their Femininity

There are several good things about the femininity of these ladies. Like, at first, they don’t need to be the leaders — unlike women from the United States, for example. They want to be treated with love, they want to love and to support you, but leadership in the relationships is not their main goal.

Of course, their femininity doesn’t mean that they are shy and non-ambitious. Ukrainian and Russian ladies are definitely not modest and silent. We’ll return to it later but remember: if you are looking for a bride to serve you, these ladies are not what you need.

Third Reason: They Cook and Clean

Of course, women in the US and other first-world countries don’t support all those “traditional gender roles and stereotypes”. Women don’t clean and cook anymore, because, you know. Feminism and gender equality. That’s great, isn’t it?

Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides are different. They won’t be your slaves, of course. But, cleaning and cooking are two basic things every wife does in Ukraine, and the majority of them don’t see anything wrong about it. That’s just how they were raised — thanks to their traditional values, these ladies are perfect housekeepers.

Fourth Reason: Patience & Sincerity

This is another cool feature of the Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides that has roots in their traditional family values and their culture. These women are patient and humble in their relationships. They are very sincere and they don’t usually have any secrets. They are sincere about marriage, sincere about what they want in life, sincere about what they want from you. That’s another reason why we love these brides — they know what they want and they don’t try to hide the truth. We are sure that you’ll love this feature, too.

Fifth Reason: Family Is Everything

Both Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides are family-oriented. Their grandmothers and mothers told them their role was to be a perfect wife and a great mother; they were raised by people who share traditional family values; they have always been told that family is the top priority. Again, it doesn’t mean that they are shy or not confident — it just means that they know that close people are more important than everything else. Does it sound like a bad thing?

This is one of the main differences between Slavic and western women. While western ladies are nowadays strong and independent and have no time for their families, the Slavic girls are still ready to do everything they can to make their husbands and children happy. They cook dinners, they can easily quit jobs to raise children, they clean the houses and, what’s even more important, they see nothing bad about it. Let’s appreciate this.

Sixth Reason: They Are Educated

“Uneducated Slavic women” is a very common stereotype lots of Americans and Europeans still believe. The thing is, that’s not true at all — almost all the mail order brides from Russia and Ukraine have university diplomas, they all are very intelligent. Higher education is not as good in these two countries like in Stanford, Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge, of course. But they are still well-educated and very smart. Many Russian and Ukrainian women take the good jobs thanks to their degrees, so don’t believe the stereotypes.

How to Start Using Online Dating Sites?

First of all, you should figure out what website are interesting for you. Some of the venues host thousands of brides from all over the world, whereas others focus on particular countries. For example, you can choose the site that hosts exclusively Ukrainian and Russian brides, if you are really sure that is them whom you want to marry.

Secondly, decide on your budget and check out the pricing policy of the venue to be sure that you can afford it. Once you are through, also read about the privacy policy of the site to know if you are safe using it.

Finally, when you make up your mind, you will have to register at the venue. And start your path to your love.

The Most Useful Online Dating Tips

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You choose the right website, start talking to the brides, fall in love with one of them, and only after that you book a flight to Russia or Ukraine.

Here we’ll tell you how not to screw up during the online phase of your dating. We’ll answer all the questions you have to make this whole online foreign dating thing easier. Let’s start.

Choosing the Right Website: How To

There are two stages of online foreign dating. The first stage begins when you start choosing the right international dating website. It’s not the most difficult task in the world, of course. But, there are still lots of pitfalls and nuances here. Continue reading if you want to know everything about them!

Safety and Security

It’s the very first thing you have to pay attention to when you choose a dating website. If it’s not safe, it doesn’t make any sense to use it. We are sure that you don’t want to lose your financial information and your credit card data. It’s unlikely want to lose your money as well. That’s why the dating website you use must be as safe as possible.

When we say “safe” we mean that both your personal and financial information must be protected. The right website must use the latest SSL certificates and encryption technologies. Check the link above — if it begins with “HTTPs” and not with “HTTP”, it’s the very first sign that this dating website is worth your attention.

Real Ladies vs Scammers

Another thing you should avoid, along with the unsafe websites, is the websites with lots of scammers. Unfortunately, some of the mail order brides sites are the hotbeds of scammers — and it makes sense that you don’t want to use such websites. All in all, you are here to find a mail order bride, not to lose money.

There are two things you should do before registration: check if there is any anti-scam policy here and check if the mail order brides are real. How to do it?

It’s very simple, actually. Mail order bride websites always report that they have strict anti-scam rules. The best mail order bride sites validate the identity of every Ukrainian and Russian bride (they often do it offline). They do also block and delete any account that is suspected of fraudulent activities, and they always return money if you lose them because of a scammer. That’s how the best websites work, and that’s why you’ll find only such sites here.

Another question you have to ask sounds like this: “are the ladies real here?”. To answer this question, you’ll have to google their photos and ask for a video chat. Be careful, because the latter can be quite expensive (interpreter services may be needed). Pay attention to the messages they send you — do they look like real messages from real women?

So, let’s make it clear. You’ll need to find a safe and secure website that has a good anti-scam system. You’ll have to google the photos of the ladies and talk to them, maybe even via video chat. If everything’s fine, if the site is safe and the mail order brides look and answer like real persons, that’s great. It means that you can use this site without any doubts.

Interface and Mobile Version

The last thing you’ll have to consider when choosing a mail order bride website is its convenience. The interface must be comfortable to use, the mobile version of the site (or the mobile app) must be perfectly optimized. We all use smartphones more than laptops and desktops, so it has to be comfortable to chat with the women even if you use a mobile phone.

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Meet the Most Useful Offline Dating Tips

Here we’ll explain what you should do and what you shouldn’t do to make this story successful. Read these dos and don’ts, follow these tips, and you’ll enchant her!So, you’ve booked a flight and now you are ready to see your lady in person. Our congratulations — it’s a very strong step. It’s the finish line of your dating story. Remember, it’s only up to you to choose whether it will escalate to a love and marriage story or not.

What to Do on a First Date?

We divided the main tips into two categories: dos and don’ts. Let’s start with some “what-to-do” tips about dating a Russian or Ukrainian mail order bride.

1. Be well-mannered and polite
One of the main reasons why both Ukrainian and Russian brides are looking for a western man is because they believe that they all are real gentlemen. Don’t disappoint her! Demonstrate your charm, say compliments (but not cheesy ones), make her laugh. She thinks that you are a prince — so be a prince to her!

2. Give her a small gift. Buy flowers
Ok, full disclosure: these ladies adore small gifts and flowers. Remember that the price doesn’t really matter — you’ll have to show her that you care about her, not to show her that you can waste money. Flowers, perfume, chocolate — all these small things will work great. Here’s a short example that’ll help you understand what we’re talking about.

When you were at the online stage, you most likely asked her about her favorite flowers. Did you? If she told you she loved chamomile, it will be much better to buy her a simple chamomile bouquet instead of classic expensive roses. Remember the details she told you in the past and use them in your favor!

3. Be intelligent and smart
Both Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides love smart men, and they expect a western man to be really clever. Stereotypes, maybe.

Show her that this stereotype is right. For instance, show that you are a well-read person. It would be fantastic if you read something from Russian/Ukrainian classic, like Shevchenko or Kotsiubynsky (Ukrainian) and Pushkin or Bulgakov (Russian). We can guarantee that she read their books, too, so it will be one more topic to talk about at the first date.

What You Shouldn’t Do on a Date

Meet another short list of tips about a first date with a mail order bride. Here, we’ll tell you what you have to avoid — and this is very important.

1. Don’t try to share the bill
The absolute majority of ladies from Ukraine and Russia don’t share the bill. They know that it’s the man who pays in a restaurant. That’s the other side of their traditional values – they are perfect wives and mothers, but you pay for dates. If you can’t accept it, don’t worry. She’ll share the financial responsibility in the nearest future… But don’t even think about talking about it on the first dates.

2. Don’t make sexual hints on the first date
Of course, Ukrainian brides and Russian brides differ from western women. But there’s one thing you shouldn’t do on a first date with Russian, Ukrainian, American and every other woman. We are talking about making sexual hints.

10-15 years ago, lots of men from western countries visited Ukraine and Russia to find not a bride, but a woman for one-night stand. Now, these women aren’t looking for hookups, and that’s why they shouldn’t be viewed as sex objects. They want to find long-term partners, so act like one!

Don’t escalate it before the third date. Moderate your expectations — you will most likely get a kiss after the first or second date, but nothing more. Sexual hints will not work if you want to find a mail order wife, that’s all you have to know.

3. Don’t talk about politics
If you travel to Ukraine, don’t discuss politics. Ukraine is at war, and it’s hard for the Ukrainian citizens to talk about it. It’s a very, very complex and multilayered problem, so it wouldn’t be wise for a foreigner to sort out all the details. By the way, it’s a sad theme for Ukrainians, and as you probably know, talking on topics like that isn’t the best thing you can do on the first date.

4. Remember that luxurious restaurants are not the best choice for the first date
The first date with a Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride has to be light and casual. Drink some coffee, walk in a park, explore the city together. Expensive restaurants will not work well at this stage, because you’ll have to know each other better and to talk about everything. Luxurious restaurants are perfect for third and further dates, not for the first one.

A Safe and Pleasant Trip: How To

Are you now looking for some travel tips? We have the most useful of them here! Continue reading and you’ll find out how to take a memorable trip.

  • Find a decent brides agency. You will need to find the best bride agency, which provides all the necessary services if you want to buy a tour. Choose the bride agency that receives payments via PayPal or credit card. That’s how you’ll be able to get a refund if anything goes wrong.
  • Pay attention to the details. There are lots of them, actually. Do you need a Visa to visit this country? Does the bride agency provide interpreter services? Have you bought a power plug adapter? Don’t forget about warm clothes if it’s winter or fall. There are dozens of such small but important details.
  • Learn some basic phrases in Russian or Ukrainian. That’s how you’ll make it easier to travel across these two countries. And that’s how you’ll surprise your future bride, by the way!
  • When in Ukraine, avoid Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk. These regions are at war and occupied by Russia. To avoid any unwanted consequences, stay away from these three regions. Visit Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, and Kharkiv instead.
  • If you need something, don’t be shy to ask people in the streets. Ukrainians are friendly and they’ll try to help you. Well, Russians will most likely help you, too, but some of them are hostile to Americans, so be aware of it.
  • Read something about the cultural differences to avoid misunderstandings. Ukrainian and Russian cultures differ from the American culture, so some things may be new and unusual for you.

We’ll Help You to Find a Bride. How?

As you’ve guessed from this article, Russian and Ukrainian brides are great, and they definitely worth your attention. But, finding a good bride website or agency may be difficult — and that’s why we want to help you.

Having read all these useful dating tips, you are ready to start your own romantic journey in the world of mail order brides from Ukraine and Russia. Search for the women that you like, communicate with them and come to visit. Who knows, maybe the love of your life is waiting for you online right now?