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European girls are undoubtedly stunners. Men from all over the world are ready to travel thousands of miles to find a wife from this region. But when you hear about European beauties, the first countries that pop-up in our mind are France, Germany, the UK. But as you know, they are not the only ones there. Poland is an unnoted country in Central Europe when it comes to dating. It’s a pity, as it is a home of gorgeous Polish mail order brides with incredible Slavic beauty and a close-to-Western mentality.

Those hotties are unique and have so much to offer to their partners. So, if you are interested in finding a perfect wife, keep on reading and learn why stunning women from Poland become mail order brides, what are the pros and cons of dating them. Also, find out who is a better wife, Polish or American woman.

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What drives beautiful women from Poland to become mail order brides?

Even though love has no boundaries, international dating remains an uneasy task. It comes with a range of difficulties for women willing to participate. Moving from a home country and leaving everything behind to start a new life from scratch with so much unknown is what foreign brides face. Besides, getting used to cultural and mentality differences creates a lot of hardships that make it difficult to become a Polish mail order bride.

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Many misconceptions are floating around beautiful Polish brides who want to marry foreigners. One of them is — they are only looking for sugar daddies, which is, as a rule, false. There are a lot of reasons why gorgeous ladies want to become brides, and here are the main ones.

Taking destiny into their own hands

There is so much already predefined in our lives, as people tend to stick with working and dating where they live. But that may feel suffocating and limiting. Polish women for marriage don’t want to obey such a destiny and prefer to take an active position in their love life by registering for online dating services.

Looking for a change

Poland is not a Third World country, and it has a relatively stable economy. That is why women are not looking for a chance of prosperity elsewhere as they can have it in their own country. But it is human nature to want more, which makes foreign husbands an excellent opportunity to make the change.

Desire to be treated properly

Men from abroad are known for having a better attitude to women and treating them as equals and partners, which locals fail at. With that in mind, having a foreign husband appears a very appealing prospect.

Striving to be not just a housewife

In some Polish families, women are still doing the majority of housework while working regular hours. Modern Polish mail order brides want to live by their own rules, be strong and independent, and don’t want to be seen only as mothers or housewives. Even though they still have traditional values and care about their families, they want to build a promising career and have a self-realization path.

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Pros & Cons of Polish brides

Despite the differences in appearance, character, social status, etc., girls from Poland have certain pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them.


  • Nurturing. Caring about their loved ones seem to be in their blood.
  • Easy-going. Polish brides are not into making a scene when you are doing something not right. But even if she may keep her issues to herself, she’ll expect you to apologize.
  • Educated. Polish girls make up 57.7 percent of all students at universities in the country.


  • Polish girlfriends love their diminutive words and their pet names. So expect to get called a lot of that. However, with time, you’ll see it as cute.
  • They believe in superstitions — kisses over a threshold are not happening.

American wife vs. Polish wife — who is better?

Let’s compare who is better — American woman or Polish mail order wife.

beautiful polish bride

BeautyYou can find beautiful women of different typesClassic Slavic beauty
Self-careSome wives care about appearance, but the majority prefer to go a more natural routeRegular self-care to look at their best for their partner and themselves
FamilyConsider family later in life and tend to put career firstGet married in their twenties and tend to want children at that period, too
CareerHighly driven by careerHighly educated but are not driven only by careers
Attitude to relationshipsChilled, loyal to open relationships, and tolerate divorceTend to be quite serious about getting into a relationship, prefer to work on difficulties than quickly get a divorce

How to get a wife from Poland?

Meeting stunning Polish girls for marriage is not that hard as you may think. Generally, there are two ways available:

  1. Traveling to Poland. You’ll need to make time and prepare a substantial sum to cover travel and accommodation expenses. But on the bright side, you can enjoy meeting stunning Polish girls IRL.
  2. Using an online dating site. It’s more popular as it doesn’t require many expenses or changing your busy schedule. Just find a reliable dating site and dive into the search for a perfect match.

It’s up to you to decide what suits you best. Both of the options can help you meet someone special from Poland. The difference is mainly in time and money.

Easy guide: how to marry a Polish girl

Let’s cover some formalities and laws considering marrying a Polish lady. Here are some facts:

  • You are free to marry wherever you want to.
  • If you want your wedding to be officially recognized in the country, inform your Polish registry office.
  • You can also legalize your marriage through a Polish consulate abroad.
  • You can get married and have a big fat Polish wedding.
  • Furthermore, you don’t get citizenship status immediately. Note that marriage to a foreign resident does not guarantee that a person is granted citizenship. The process is longer and much more complicated.
  • You can have a happily ever after with your Polish beauty.


A Polish wife is definitely what many men dream about. She can become the right partner, supporter, and mother of your kids. With modern technologies, meeting Polish mail order brides is easier than ever, so if you see yourself with such a lady, start your love journey now.