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The Asian region is full of gorgeous Oriental girls, but Filipino brides seem to be the ones to make the hearts of foreign men flutter. Western men adore singles from the Philippines because they are very passionate, loving, and extremely attractive.

If you’re wondering if you should be dating and connecting your life with a Filipino girl for marriage, continue reading our article. Explore the world of Filipino women and find out why they are so desired, what makes them stand out. Also, learn about the peculiarities of international marriage and whether it is better to make it legal in the US or the Philippines.

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The portrait of a typical Filipino girl

Common Filipino mail order brides are a natural beauty. Just look up gorgeous model Liza Soberano, and you will get the idea of how stunning their appearance can be. Flawless caramel skin complements dark eyes and long dark hair. Their petite and toned bodies are very alluring and sexy. Besides, they tend to wear little to no makeup as they just don’t need it.

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Why are foreign men crazy about Filipino women for marriage?

Even from the earliest history of the country, Filipino women have attracted many foreign men with the following features:

  • Exceptional natural beauty. Stunning Filipino girls for marriage are common winners of international pageants and competitions.
  • Positive attitude to life. Those ladies tend to have bright personalities, and a positive outlook on life makes Filipino brides so desired. Foreigner men marrying those girls are getting not only a life partner but also a true best friend.
  • Intelligence. Women from the Philippines are intelligent and well-versed. They usually integrate into new society quickly, as they have a very flexible, adaptable mind and ability to learn.
  • Easiness. You may ask, how can a girl be easy? Filipino women are some of the most laid-back across Asia. They are not demanding and value a simpler, basic way of living, which is another factor in their popularity.

5 traits that will make you want to tie the knot with a Filipino bride

Who to marry is an important decision in life, and if you are still having doubts if Filipino mail order wives are a great choice, here are 5 of their core traits to convince you.

  1. Passionate. Beautiful Filipino ladies are known to be undemanding and calm, but that doesn’t take from their passionate character. They’re not afraid to show emotions and especially love and passion when they genuinely feel it.
  2. Loving. Love is the reason why Filipino women are becoming mail order brides. They seem to live for it. That’s why those girls do their best to keep the spark going.
  3. Hard-working. Filipinas are not afraid of work, and they are great at multitasking. Keeping up with household chores and caring about children while having a job is usually not a problem.
  4. Supportive. Filipino girls tend to be wise beyond years. They know how support is important for their man. That’s why inspiring and motivating their partner to achieve his goals is what they strive to do.
  5. Understanding. Those ladies know that life can get hard sometimes, and they’re prepared for that. Marrying a girl from the Philippines, you’ll get a level of understanding that you have never experienced before.

Of course, not all Filipino women for marriage have all of those traits, as this is a generalization. But the majority of the girls from the Philippines can boast of some or all of them.

cute filipino girl on beach

The best way to find a stunning Filipino wife

Joining an international dating site is the best way to find a Filipino mail order wife. There is a vast choice of suitable options waiting for you online. All you need to do is register, create a profile, and dive into the world of gorgeous beauties from the Philippines. But note that the success and positive experience with international dating hugely depend on the platform you choose. That is why take your time to do proper research, read reviews, and join the platform that suits your needs the most.

Peculiarities of international marriage with Filipino mail order brides

If you want to marry your Filipino mail order bride, you have three options — marrying in the country itself, getting married in the US, or marrying in any other county. But of course, the most common choice for Filipino-American couples is marrying in native countries.

To marry in the Philippines, you will need:

Only after that church marriage is allowed. But note that if you are not a US citizen, there may be some country-specific requirements and procedures, so check with your embassy.

Is it better to marry in the Philippines or the US?

If you are debating whether you should marry your Filipino beauty in the Philippines of the US, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. What are your plans with your spouse? If you plan on staying in the Philippines, then it’s better to marry in the country and apply for a residence. However, if you want to move to the US, getting married, there is a better option.
  2. How much time do you have? Getting married in the Philippines and then applying for US citizenship and visas is longer and more complicated. Also, be prepared to spend time apart during the process:
    • 6-12 months — to be able to execute an Affidavit of Support for an immigrant visa petition.
    • 3-6 months — if you decide to marry in the US using K1 or the Fiancé /Fiancée Visa for Filipino wives.

Only you can decide what is better for your circumstances as both options have their pros and cons.

Final thoughts

Choosing a beautiful Filipino woman as a life partner is a wise choice if you want to have an easy and comfortable family life surrounded by love and care. Those ladies are quite traditional when it comes to gender roles, so if the good old traditional family picture is your dream, there is no better woman for that than a Filipino lady.