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Lately, dating has become a global affair. Men and women alike seek partners from different parts of the world given they match their preferences. JollyRomance was conceived for this very function, to match men to their prospective brides globally. Register and get hooked to the girl of your dreams.

First Impression

First glance and you’ll love it. The websites’ architecture is simple yet attractive and navigable. The color is calmingly attractive and offers an ambient relaxing optical texture that enhances its aesthetic value. Every crucial detail needed is consolidated in the homepage including some positive JollyRomance reviews from impressed clients.

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The user interface is intuitive and interactive hence eliminating any chances of boredom. A sample of pictorial slides of the women on the website is also played on the homepage to showcase its unparalleled potential. It is a one-stop-shop for all your matters girls for dating, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Registration Process

The registration process is efficient and quick. It will be done before you know it as this process requires minimal details. On the registration page, you will be needed to provide your gender and that of your preferred partner, date of birth, a valid electronic mail address, username and finally a password for enhanced protection.

Upon signup, as a security protocol to ensure safety by locking out scammers your account will be subjected to verification. Once verified, a questionnaire will pop up for the specification of your girlfriend preference. Thereafter, though not necessary but highly advisable, you will be required to complete your profile then you will be as good as done ready to mingle with the single ladies.

Finding a Bride on JollyRomance

How hard can it be when all you gotta do is search? Well, it’s that simple. With a database of hundreds of thousands, sure enough, you cannot scan through each of them. The search tool utilizes an accurate algorithm to locate a match. During the search process, you need to refine and specify your search through the utilization of search filters.

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Filters aids in choosing the traits you would like the algorithm to narrow down to. Here, we are talking of parameters like:

  • location
  • marital status
  • children
  • religion
  • education
  • habits

By specifying these traits, the algorithm sieves the database narrowing down to ladies that only meet your preference and avail them for you to choose the most suitable one.

Communicating with Your Bride

Communication is an essential ingredient in the brewing of love. JollyRomance dating site provides multiple channels of communication to ensure you are constantly in touch with your potential bride.

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The most commonly used is the on-site messaging. It is loved for its instantaneous delivery and ease of use. These messages are however paid for and cannot be accessed without credits.


The second channel is electronic mail commonly termed as email. It is preferred when the message being sent has to be attached to some other document. It is also efficient for off-site communication since it can be accessed without logging into your account.


Finally and most importantly are stickers, winks, and emoticons. These serve the sole purpose of making the chat room lively and add a spark to the conversation. At times men use them creatively to express interest in brides, the limit of their use is your creativity. These communication channels keep the live alive and the fire burning until that first date.

What Does It Offer?

We all know nothing good comes at no cost. At JollyRomance, most of the important services are paid for but there are a few that can be enjoyed at no cost. As mentioned earlier, signing up requires no payment at all. Secondly, setting up your profile which is immensely beneficial in attracting women.

According to reviews, the site does not put any monetary or subscription restrictions to browsing of ladies online including the use of filters and even checking out their profile pictures. Now you know, even with zero balance you can still indulge in some activities on JollyRomance dating site.

Benefits of Paid Membership

JollyRomance provides free registration, although has fee-based services. Most of the communication tools on this site are paid. To fully enjoy all the services of this site, you will have to buy credits for further use. The benefits of purchasing credits are numerous. It gives you responding to mails, chatting with members, sending presents to members.

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There are different packs of credits you can purchase to use the fee-based options on JollyRomance. First payment for 20 credits — $2.99. The standard rates are as follows:

  • $9.99 – 20 credits
  • $19.99 – 50 credits
  • $44.99 – 125 credits
  • $69.99 – 250 credits

Scam and Safety

JollyRomance has employed various security measures to keep scammers at bay and ensure their clients freely enjoy their services without any fear. In other words, JollyRomance is a warm and secure ground to trade on.

Pros and Cons of JollyRomance

Despite the site being helpful in matchmaking it also suffers its fair share of setbacks but let’s commence by highlighting its foredeals.


  • Affordable rates
  • User friendly website
  • High reply rate
  • Hosts a huge database of ladies


  • Does not have geographical specificity
  • Long profile verification wait time

Customer Support

The customer support team speaks no other language other than professionalism. The team is adequately stocked and work round the clock to solve issues as they emerge. It is divided into different sections each handling their respective agenda. They are reliable and dependable to solve your problem at any time.

Lastly, they are compassionate, friendly and reassuring just the right combination of traits needed of someone who helps you deal with your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JollyRomance free?

Majority of the services are paid for however there are other services including but not limited to signing up, profile creation and browsing through the database which are absolutely free. However, for communication services you have to pay.

How do JollyRomance credits work?

Credits are online currencies used on the site to pay for the payable products. You are offered 20 credits upon successful sign up however upon their depletion you are supposed to purchase another bundle with the predetermined rate outlined earlier.

Is JollyRomance safe?

The mandatory verification process helps to keep out scammers hence boosting the safety of the site.

How can I delete my JollyRomance account?

An account cannot be deleted by the owner. If you want out then contact the customer support team with relevant reason for leaving and they will be able to handle the issue for you and effect the deletion process.

How many members does JollyRomance have?

The average amount of members are 250k. The exact statistic as never been determined due to the influx of new subscribers on a daily basis. Reviews from experts have estimated the number to be large due to the buzz of activities on the website.

How can I use my JollyRomance anonymously?

Total anonymity cannot be guaranteed as there is no official for the same yet. Despite this, the same can be improvised by erasing all your information on your profile and operate incognito.

How do I ascertain the legitimacy of profiles?

All profiles are subjected to a mandatory verification process after which are assigned a small verification logo below the user’s name.

Is messaging free?

No. You must have some minimum credit balance to enjoy the luxury of sending messages or video chats to your babe.

How long does it take to approve my profile?

Profiles are not approved at any point but rather set up to best define you. Once your account is verified then you can set up your profile and talk ladies.

How can I keep my account safe?

This is simple, keep your passwords discrete and avoid logging into your account from unprotected public computers or wifi network.


When searching for that perfect local or international dating experience there are very few sites that offer the actual feel. Among them is JollyRomance which strives to create a conducive and interactive environment on their site to facilitate meeting of people. It has managed to reduce extortion cases to near zero hence guaranteeing a nice place to look for a perfect date.

The website is uniquely designed with strict security procedures to help you find your way around. Their dedicated and highly professional though friendly customer care team gives specialized attention to every slight problem to streamline your experience at JollyRomance. This site offers extensive generosity. As reviews show, it is has the highest number of unpaid services. If you are looking for love is the place to be.